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Here you'll find complete information about starting your own restaurant or purchasing the operating one. Learn how to deal with the chef and his staff. Study how to promote the restaurant, and attract customers. Get useful advice on restaurant equipment.

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Open a Restaurant. How to Start.
Restaurant business attracts interest of many people, because of its seeming ease. Nevertheless opening of a new restaurant requires great efforts and knowledge of many details. You should begin with determination what type of restaurants you want to own. Then write your restaurant business plan and search for a suitable premise.
What should you do next? Find step-by-step guide to your own restaurant creation.

Restaurant Staff and Equipment
Staff and restaurant equipment are equally important for success of your institution. Visitors comes in restaurants not just eat but also have a rest. And the task of all working in the hall is to create cozy and friendly climate. Learn what problems with staff you face with and how to solve them. Place high emphasis on the choice of your chef. This person will care about your kitchen, train other cooks and manage waiters. But even the best chef won't be able to present his culinary art with poor utensils or bad equipment.