Amazing Thai Food In Dallas, TX!


Try Amazing Thai Food in Dallas TX Restaurants

Out of over 3,000 restaurants in Dallas, and you know there are some great places that serve up Thai cuisine. When you search thai food dallas, there are a total of 46 establishments that serve up Thai food in Dallas. The first one, Malai Kitchen, ranks in the top 100 restaurants in Dallas. Let’s take a look at Malai Kitchen and five other top Dallas restaurants where you can enjoy delicious Thai cuisine at its finest.

Thai Food


Too Thai Street Eats is located in Carrollton, TX and a few popular menu items include Pad Thai, drunken noodles and a papaya salad. The service is also said to be great at Too Thai Street Eats, and you can enjoy Happy Hour there, too. What is also great about this establishment is that it is also a small brewery. Yes, they brew their own beer, and that just makes your experience at this restaurant all the better and more unique. Yellow Curry and Green Curry are a couple of other dishes that you might want to try. By the way, there are some dishes that are so spicy at this place that veteran spicy food eaters even say they are hard to handle. They have great thai street food!

Asian Mint is another top restaurant in Dallas that serves up Thai cuisine. Malai Kitchen ranks #76 by the way, and Asian Mint comes in at #226. Remember, there are over 3,000 restaurants in Dallas so that #226 ranking is still very good. Asian Mint is located at 11617 North Central Expressway, and it is known for some delicious and unique foods, including a flourless chocolate cake. Red curry and chicken satay are two other popular menu items served up there. Or, how about some spring rolls and soft shell crab?

Another Thai food hot spot is Tippy’s Thai Cafe located at 12835 Preston Road. You have heard of the spring rolls, but have you heard of summer rolls? The summer rolls make the menu highlights at Tippy’s Thai Cafe. Whole fried fish, pad kee mow, and lamb chops are other favorites. This cafe is said to be a neighborhood gem, and you are greeted with friendly and attentive service when you dine there. Another thing you can expect is reasonable prices.

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Next up is Bangkok City, and it is located at 4301 Bryan Street. This restaurant is said to be a little hole in the wall type establishment, and that has my attention already. Do you like restaurants like that, too? In a city like Dallas, sometimes you have to expect to pay to park, even when dining out. You don’t have to worry about that when it comes to eating at Bangkok City. The fried rice at this place is said to be excellent, as are many of the other dishes served up there, including yellow curry.

This next restaurant is a little different because it serves up Thai and Asian fusion cuisine. It is called Si Lom Thai Asian Fusion, and it is located at 3300 Oak Lawn Avenue. Enjoy some of the best-fried rice, curry, potstickers and more. Friendly service awaits you, and the Singha beer is said to be superb. Order up a big bowl of Wonton soup as a starter and get ready to enjoy some delicious food.

Royal Thai is a good pick, too, and it is located at 5500 Greenville Avenue. One great thing about Royal Thai is it is said to feature an extensive menu. Pork patties, shrimp, salads, curries and more are waiting for you at this establishment. Reviews say that the restaurant never disappoints, which is what you want to hear when you are talking about trying to find the best Thai food in Dallas.

What do you think about this list of Thai restaurants in Dallas TX? I’m going to give you the name of one more pick as a bonus. It is Sakhuu Thai Cuisine. That sounds like another unique place you might want to visit. Who knows, maybe you will make it to all of the Thai restaurants in Dallas by the time you are done. Remember, there are currently 46 of them, and that’s just how many there are right now. Get ready to experience the best Thai food that Dallas TX has to offer.