The History Of Creative Wedding Cakes

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Wedding Event Cake Design through History

The wedding cake style  has varied significantly over time. When an indication of fertility, the Roman Empire cake was made of wheat or Barley, and was then crumbled over the bride’s head, in celebration of her fertility. The style of the cake changed and it ended up being  customary to stack numerous little cakes one on the other. The groom and bride then attempted a kiss over the mountain of the cakes and not knock them down.

 Achieving the kiss was a favorable omen, bringing a lifetime of prosperity to the pair. The traditional creation of wedding event cakes started in the early 1600’s.  A French Pastry Chef checking out London went to a cake piling event. He was surprised to see the cakes on top of each other and  also how often the fell to pieces. He created an icing to decorate the cake and make it stay together for a longer period of time. The cake is a sign of happiness and a long life together.  Your guests constantly take pleasure in admiring the wedding cake and devouring the desert also. On a restricted spending plan, you can present a great wedding cake. Low-cost options might consist of purchasing several cakes to put on top of each other from your local bakeshop and icing it yourself.