Top Breakfast Spots in Maui Hawaii

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, if you’re in Maui Hawaii, this is not just a saying, but a lifestyle. The chefs know just how to put together a delightful breakfast treat- Maui style- and get your taste buds leaping in excitement. But, like everything else, your breakfast can go wrong if you don’t visit the right breakfast spot in Maui. Beyond the amazing weather, breathtaking landscape and wildlife, picturesque locations, and tours that create memories of a lifetime, a great breakfast can set the tone for an amazing day on the Island.

So, what’s the best breakfast spot on Maui, you may ask. Truth is, there are quite a number of places where tasteful and rich breakfast is served. This post will dive into the details so that you’re better prepared on your next trip to the land of unbelievable beauty known as the Valley Isle.

Top 7 Breakfast Spots in Maui Hawaii

  1. Kihei Café. This is a proper breakfast and brunch Hawaiian-style diner that opens at 6am and shuts its doors at 2pm. It is located in Kihei-Kalama Village and offers amazing dishes for the entire family, including Belgian Waffles, Crab Cake, Eggs Benedict, and so on. If the rumble in your stomach signals something more filling, you can go for options like a Southern Breakfast (with Bone-in-Ham) or Steak and Eggs. And, if you’re craving some local favourites, try their special Loco Moco and thank me later.
  2. Beach Street Maui. Beach Street Maui has the best shave ice on Maui hands down and we were pleasantly surprised the breakfast food was very good. We had the breakfast egg sandwich and Maui sunrise bagel which were very good. A much better option for a quick breakfast option than Jamba or Starbucks. Oh, and they have coffee drinks as well. Open since 2000 this spot comes highly recommend for breakfast in Kihei Maui.
  3. Down the Hatch. This is where you’d find some of Maui’s best foods, including an amazing array of breakfast options, such as Chicken and Waffles, Crispy Pork Belly Bennys, and Lava Lava Shrimp and Avocado Omelet. Both locals and tourists find Down the Hatch as their preferred spot for breakfast in Maui and you can sit in for an amazing breakfast between 7:30am and 11:00am.
  4. Paia Bowls. The historic town of Paia certainly offers more than just folklore and tales of historic significance. Here, Paia Bowls reigns as the king of breakfast before they serve you breakfast the Royal way. This small eatery along Maui’s North shore has been a local favourite for many years, and has also begun attracting tourists who always come out full and satisfied. The açai bowls offer a house special that visitors will certainly love. And if you have restricted diets, the friendly staff will certainly offer you special options.
  5. The Gazebo. I particularly love the view of the Napali shores overlooking the Gazebo and I found that every time I visited was memorable for me. The Macadamia nut pancakes is the restaurant’s most famous dish, but there are a whole lot more to enjoy for sweet pastries and light breakfast. You can get your breakfast to-go as most people do, walk down the beach and enjoy a delightful breakfast experience.
  6. Kula Bistro. This restaurant first opened its doors in 2012 and has since become a major stop for tourists visiting the Haleakala National Park volcano because of its unique location at the base of the park. Fresh, affordable, and tasty dishes served in generous portions make this spot one of the most popular in Maui. While I particularly love the Eggs Benedict, I’ve been told every other thing on its breakfast menu is equally delicious.
  7. The Plantation House. I am yet to decide what I love most; the food or the view? This haven is located in the Plantation Golf Course just facing the ocean. The environment is serene, warm and welcoming, with large windows and the open-air style design. So, this spot offers tasty, fresh, local breakfast dishes combined with an atmosphere for quality time with your loved ones.